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Rebecca Minkoff Launched Plus Sizes — and the Pieces Are amazing For Work


By Adetoun Adeyemo

Sep 12, 2019 @ 4:00 
Rebecca Minkoff Stitch Fix

Rebecca Minkoff is on a mission to solve a few of our most frustrating fashion dilemmas, from finding clothes that actually fit to picking out outfits for work. During New York Fashion Week, the designer announced her new capsule collection with Stitch Fix, which not only includes professional attire with a trendy twist, but also ranges from sizes XXS to XXXL and 00 to 24W.

“Launching inclusive sizing is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time,” Minkoff tells InStyle when talking about the eight-piece collection. “When Stitch Fix came to me with the opportunity to not only launch this but really lean into their data and intimate knowledge of their consumer, it was something I didn’t even hesitate to say yes to.”

The result ended up being polished, throw-on-and-go items, including a printed skirt and a cozy fall sweater, all of which ring in under $248.

Ahead, Minkoff tells us more about the collaboration, the process of expanding sizing, and gives her advice for what to wear on an interview.

Rebecca Minkoff Stitch Fix

I see there are a few animal-printed items. How did the data influence this capsule collection?

The overarching theme of the collection is all about an ode to the modern working woman. Whether it’s the women I’m so fortunate enough to work with in the office [or] the women that I’ve gotten to know — the founders and everyone in this industry throughout the years — it was really just, “What is a beautiful wardrobe that is multifaceted and can be worn a lot of different ways?” And then working with Stitch Fix to identify what works best for the customer that we want to sell to as well. The prints are all from the original inspiration, but with the data, they could say, ‘This zebra print will perform better than a leopard,’ or other things for us to keep in mind when building the offering.


Was it important to you to include ‘easy’ pieces?

It’s about easy pieces, but that doesn’t mean they have to be plain or dumbed down at all. It’s really key to make someone feel confident and stylish without also feeling like the clothing is wearing her. I wanted to stick to silhouettes that would make someone feel confident and powerful.

Rebecca Minkoff Stitch Fix

Since you kept workwear in mind, do you have any tips for what to wear on an interview?

In the past, you had to wear a suit. Today, with the casualization of fashion, that’s changed. You should wear something to an interview that fits the job you’re interviewing at. For instance, if someone comes to interview here and they’re in a suit, I’m like, ‘Ooh, they haven’t done their research.’ Where’s their leather jacket? I never like to say, ‘This is the ideal look.’ But there’s plenty to choose from, from our fuchsia power suit to these really cute overalls that we paired with a cobalt sweater. It depends on what line of work you’re in.

Can you talk a little bit about inclusivity and expanding the size range? What is that process like?

It was awesome to partner with Stitch Fix because they have a customer who is used to buying fashion from them, demanding more. As you get towards the higher sizes, dimension changes, and you need to account for that and how to make it really flattering on a woman. So to be able to lean into a partner that has been there, done that, and has the demand from their customer made it a lot easier and a lot smarter of a decision from us just trying to think we could do this on our own.

It’d be the same if I were to get into maternity or petite. There are all these just different things you don’t think about, when someone’s like, “Hey, I’m 5’1, you can’t just go hem my pants if the zipper’s the key detail.” I think it’s just great to have the data because you just can design a lot smarter.

Rebecca Minkoff Stitch Fix

Is it important to you to keep your clothing within a certain price range?

When we launched, we knew we wanted to give a woman a really great value. Our girl loves fashion, she loves trends, she loves what’s happening. But it shouldn’t be that she can’t continue to live her life as well. We always want to be sensitive to her so that she has that shock of turning over the price tag and is like, ‘Oh, I can afford this.’ That was something that [seemed] insensitive to me when I first started out, when I couldn’t pay rent and buy a handbag or let alone go out to eat dinner. Fashion shouldn’t just be for people who have a lot of money.

How do these pieces tie into your overall aesthetic and your own collection?

The Rebecca Minkoff brand is really rooted in this idea of West Coast meets East Coast. I’m originally from the West Coast, so there’s always this sort of play between hard and soft, a little bit of rock and a little bit of bohemia. Each collection will always have that ethos in mind. Whether it’s the leather jacket that we have with studs on it paired with softer sweaters or longer skirts, it’s constantly playing and imagining silhouettes as that push-pull. Also, taking classic ideas such as monochromatic dressing or formal dressing, that usually had been reserved for shades of brown and nudes, but saying, “How do we do this in metallic? How do we do it with a beautiful cobalt and make it more fresh and modern?”

Rebecca Minkoff Stitch Fix

Published: 13/09/19



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