If you’re marketing to with Doublecrown , we’ve got the perfect audience for you. We offer a variety of advertising and sponsorship packages for marketers interested in reaching the large and growing DCWLIFESTYLE audience. is the one of the largest online fashion destinations. We now generate more than million page views and 1 million unique visitors per month. Our large audience can be a very useful tool in helping marketers connect with this targeted demographic.

Options include ads of all types and sizes , including large and medium rectangles, leader boards, and rich media ads. You can also showcase your message beyond the standard banner with sponsorship and integration – with opportunities such as sponsored advertorials, targeted product guides, and custom video series.

For information about advertising plans that can fit nearly any budget and be targeted to the female and male demographic and specific areas of interest.

Send us an Email at: info@dcwlifestyle

or give us a call at:



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