The 8 Most Important Kitchen Items to Have on Your Celebrations List.

The 8 Most Important Kitchen Items to Have on Your Celebrations List.

OCTOBER 17th, 2018 1:47 PM

by Adetoun Adeyemo.


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As a newlywed, cooking for two becomes the new normal. Whether you’re used to preparing meals together or this is just the beginning, your wedding registry is a good opportunity to stock your kitchen with the right tools. Caroline Chambers, author of Just Married: A Cookbook for Newlyweds (Chronicle Books), says that couples need to be strategic. “When you’re registering for a wedding, the sky is the limit,” she tells Vogue, “But, you want to make sure you end up with the stuff you need versus the things you want.”

Chambers’s book contains 130 recipes for newly married couples to try, from breakfast on a busy workday morning to slow recipes for lazy Sundays. The idea arose when Chambers and her husband were trying to cook together and noticed the lack of desirable reading material for newlyweds. “They were way too feminine, with pink and frilly covers,” she says. “I wanted to write a newlywed cookbook that appealed to all types of marriages. In the time since Chronicle published their last marriage-y book, gay marriage has been federally legalized. Even that huge difference from a pink cover to a more androgynous cover that you would feel comfortable giving your two gay guy friends is a huge shift.”

Photo: Courtesy of Chronicle Books

Before diving into the dishes, Chambers fashioned a section dedicated to the kitchen equipment engaged couples should ask for on a registry. The list is divided into three sections: vital, nice-to-have, and fun-to-have. Below, the items Chambers included on the “vital” list; the ones she recommends adding to every wedding registry.

1. Chef’s Knife

According to Chambers, a really sharp and well-maintained chef’s knife can do everything in the kitchen, but is, perhaps obviously, most important for recipes that require a lot of chopping (like a Rainbow Veggie Bowl, page 88). When deciding which variety to add to the registry, she recommends getting offline and testing knives in your local kitchen store. “You and your sous-chef-for-life need to physically try out an array of different knife brands and models to determine what works best for you.”

2. Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

As an avid cook, Chambers has a stack of skillets “a mile high,” but constantly reaches for her 10-inch Le Creuset enameled cast iron skillet. “The enamel makes for a nonstick surface, meaning that I can do everything from perfectly fry an egg to bake a beautiful cornbread, all in the same cookware.”

3. Coffee Maker

Mornings (especially busy mornings) as a newlywed can be tricky, says Chambers. Ease your marital growing pains by investing in a coffee maker that can help streamline getting out of the house. Chambers and her husband swear by their Technivorm Moccamaster. Have leftover joe? Save a cup for later and make 10-Minute Pot de Creme (page 258) together for dessert.

4. VitaMix Blender

Chambers knows this is an expensive ask (she returned 10 gifts to get enough credit to buy one), but promises that it is worth it. “I use mine several times a day to make everything from smoothies to salad dressings to chopped nuts. Mine has been going strong for all five years of my marriage, and no issues yet!”

5. Fish Spatula

Throw out your bulky spatula and ask for this nimble tool. “It is certainly not reserved for fish-flipping only,” Chambers explains. “Flipping pancakes, turning veggies halfway through a roast, making a grilled cheese, and frying eggs. The list goes on and on!” While you might be wary to register for something that costs less than $10, Chambers says this is a great add-on for guests looking to spend a certain dollar amount.

6. Stand Mixer

Chambers says that a stand mixer is essential for any baker, whether practicing or aspiring. “Yes, they are very expensive and take up a lot of shelf space,” she admits. “But if you want to bake cookies (like the Coronado Cookies on page 249), bake a cake, make a pie crust, or whip cream, you need to stock your kitchen with a stand mixer.” She recommends sticking with KitchenAid as “they do it the best.”

7. Cutting Board(s)

“It’s hard to get much done in the kitchen without a proper surface to work on,” Chambers explains. “Register for one or two wooden cutting boards that are pretty enough to leave out on your countertop all the time, and can double as a serving platter for taco toppings or chili fixings. Never put raw meat on your wooden cutting boards for sanitary reasons. Register for a couple cheap, plastic cutting boards and use them exclusively for raw meat.”

8. Dice & Slice Chopper

With a single swift motion, this kitchen gadget evenly chops onions and other vegetables. It’s perfect for salsa, vegetables, boiled eggs, nuts and fruit. It comes with 3 interchangeable blades so you can chop your desired size.


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Published: 17/10/18



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