10 Old-Fashioned Dating Habits We Should Definitely Bring Back

10 Old-Fashioned Dating Habits We Should Definitely Bring Back

By Adetoun Adeyemo,

September 27, 2018. 10:30am.

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong in this century? I sure have. Some of you out there might be too young to get the clue but just ask your parents and grandparents.

I’m sure you’ve heard all about that charming black’n’white era. Those old and faded photographs with your grandpa being quite the perfect gentleman and granny as this alluring vintage beauty. Ahh.. Those were some days.

If you ask me, I’d definitely trade some of 2017 for the golden 70’s. At least for a day. If there’s something significant about these old times is their true authenticity.

People valued sincerity and honesty, their music remained a brilliant classic up until today and will stay forever, but most importantly dating was a special event and included some fine, sophisticated methods.

So, what if there’s a way to try and change today’s monotonous dating habits? I’m thinking more affection and attention, classy gentlemen, doors held open, some flowers maybe?

If I managed to pique your interest by now, it’s because there are some old dating habits I believe we need to bring back.

Let’s do this!

1. Go up and ask her out on a date

Instead of dropping hints, or simply hanging out with together, it would be so much better if you straight ahead gather the course of asking me out. But nicely, make sure you don’t come off too strong and I get weary of you. But don’t worry too much, if you are sincere in your proposal, there will be no creeping out and it would be a welcome change for once to be asked out like that.

2. Dress up nicely

What’s with modern trends? For the love of God, people, put some effort into your look. Believe me, clothing style speaks so much about you. I’m not saying be 100% formal and sharp-dressed, but occasionally wear that special t-shirt or dress that you’ve been saving for special moments. Trust me, you won’t go unnoticed.

3. Bring a small gift or flowers

Now, many lucky ladies (and some men) I know get this regularly, and in fact, I have myself as well, but only ever with people I’d been dating for a while. I think there’s something to be said for bringing flowers to the door on your first date. It’s become uncool because it’s forward and it’s a gesture that confirms their interest, but we should definitely get past that idea and worry more about how we’re going to let someone know we really do care and appreciate that they want to spend time with us.

4. Put away your phone

This is perhaps the most sought after perk of old time dating for me. I am so sick of two people going on a double date with their phones, where they never even look up long enough to see if the person is the same with whom they walked in.

5. A bit of Chivalry.

A little bit of it sprinkled here and there wouldn’t be so bad either. Like perhaps getting my coat for me, or taking out the chair for me, or holding the car door for me when we get in. I can go dutch on the money, but these gestures would be so appreciated.

6. Be honest about your intentions

Going through that talk about where your relationship is headed can be a bit awkward, especially if you are in the early phases. Word of advice: never avoid it. It’s always wise to be clear about your intentions. Are we onto something or this is just another meaningless fling?

7. Take her on a romantic night out

A little bit of fancy dating too wouldn’t hurt in once a while. Instead of always meeting up at Starbucks, a date at a proper, romantic (perhaps candle lit) restaurant would be so romantic. Mixing things up a bit and having surprises in store is such a good way to show you care.

8. Don’t expect s.e.x on the first date

Thanks to Tinder and the can’t-wait attitude if our generation, dating has been such a hassle lately. No one expects to actually talk, and there is even lesser chance of them being interested in knowing you better. Taking things slow, and properly analyzing the situation, whether the person is ready to make that move or not is so important. And it would make dating so much easier.

9. Say “I love you” only when you mean it

I love you, as a phrase is perhaps the most overused (without actual feeling of sincerity) in the entirety of English language. Or maybe the second after Sorry. The point is people have become so accustomed to throwing it around like confetti that the real meaning has been lost. Instead, try using it only when you really mean it. And if you really feel like you are in love, then those three words will turn magical indeed.

10. Always be on time

Last but not least. It’s rude and disrespectful to be late, especially on one of the first dates. Be the perfect gent and arrive even 10 minutes earlier.

Sources: themindsjournal.com, thoughtcatalog.com

Published: 27/09/18



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