Tiffany Haddish Reflects On Hers Fears and Her Time In Foster Care With OZ Investigate

Tiffany Haddish Reflects On Hers Fears and Her Time In Foster Care With OZ Investigate

By Adetoun Adeyemo. October 31th, 2018. 10:19am


The road to stardom hasn’t been easy for Tiffany Haddish.

The hysterical 38-year-old actress told Dr Oz on Monday that for years she didn’t give comedy her ‘all’ and she held back, thinking she could’t make it because she was a girl.

But then the Night School star started to ‘visualize’ success and that created a ‘shift’ in her work.

She elaborated on the delay in her success, suggesting it was due to the way she ‘was thinking.’

‘Maybe I wasn’t good enough, thinking maybe, you know, oh, I–I’m a girl, I shouldn’t do this.’

Haddish revealed that her thoughts prevented her from giving comedy her all, but at some point she felt a shift and ‘started to visualize and see’ what she wanted for her future.

‘I want to create this empire,’ she admitted.

‘You know, where people that work with me and for me are able to put their kids through college, feed their families, have generational wealth. I just I feel like I can do that.’

The star is setting her sights high, too.

‘And I see that and like if Lucille Ball can own a studio, why can’t Tiffany Haddish own a studio. You know?’

The Girls Trip star donned a red and black bold striped suit with a retro style double breasted blazer.

In a segment that airs Monday on The Dr Oz Show, Tiffany revealed the piece of sage advice she got from her Nobody’s Fool costar Whoopi.

‘Working with Whoopi that was super cool,’ she told Dr Oz.

Adding: ‘She taught me I need to take naps, and she’s right. And so I’ve been taking naps, getting my rest in.’

Dr Oz questioned the LA native about whether or not sleep was what she used to ‘decompress’ between juggling her impressive roster of films.

‘Oh yeah,’ she agreed, ‘and watching cartoons.’

The 58-year-old host seemed surprised to hear that the adult comic was into the childhood favorite.

He asked: ‘What cartoons do you watch?’

‘Oh, ThunderCats, She-Ra,’ Tiffany laughed.

‘I’m like the old school. I’m from, you know, I’m from the 80s, the late 70s early 80s, so, I, you know, old school Strawberry Shortcake, Fraggle Rock, you know?’

The star is in New York making the media rounds to promote her new film Nobody’s Fool which hits theaters on Friday.

She’s also generating some buzz around her upcoming stand up tour, She Ready. Tickets for the tour go on sale November 10.


Published: 31/10/18



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