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What Is Lip Enhancement?

What Is Lip Enhancement?

By Spa Editor, Adetoun Adeyemo. January 11th, 2018. 9:00am

Lip enhancement is the most common form of treatment to remove lines around the mouth, so-called smokers’ lines, as well as create fuller lips for a more sensuous smile.

Dermal fillers are used to fill out the lines around the mouth and produce a fuller lip.

The results last between 4-6 months. The product will dissolve away naturally afterwards, leaving your lip the same as it was prior to the treatment. Results last longer the more treatments you have and we will design a treatment plan for you so you know what to expect.

A full recovery takes between 6 – 8 weeks, although normal activities can resume in as little as 5 – 10 days.

The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. After the perioral region and lips have been anesthetized, the filler is then injected into the body of the lip or the vermillion border. The patient will experience one to two weeks of variable swelling after which they can enjoy beautiful, full lips for years to come.

But how does this all work? The minimally invasive procedure—Dr. Doft says you’ll be in and out of the office in less than 45 minutes—involves the insertion of threads (made of the same dissolvable material used for suturing the skin during surgery) via a needle along the edge or body of the lip to create definition. These “threads” are lined with small cones, which grab hold of the skin from underneath and pull up to suspend the skin back to its youthful positioning. “Topical numbing cream is typically used, along with lidocaine injections for comfort,” says Dr. Doft. The numbing takes around 15 minutes and the procedure a short 20.

Image/Melissa Doft, MD

Similar to lip fillers, lips are left swollen and somewhat bruised for the first week, but Dr. Doft says that the main downtime difference is that the threads “tug” when you smile and eat during the first week. “This will stop once they ‘settle in.’” But, the results are worth it. While lip fillers last for up to six months, Dr. Doft says the results from a lip thread lift should last a year. As for cost, expect to pay anywhere from $800–$1,200.


Published: 11/01/19



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