Psychology Says that Being Single Is Not a Bad Thing!

Psychology Says that Being Single Is Not a Bad Thing!

By Adetoun Adeyemo. September 23, 2018. 6.00am

Nowadays, most people act as if they are supposed to get married and have children. But, it might be better to remain single. No matter of what society tells you, being single is a good thing.

Namely, Professor Bella DePaulo challenged the notion that marriage can ‘help’ people live happier longer lives at the American Psychological Association’s annual convention in Colorado. DePaulo spoke based on research comparing those that have either stayed married or stayed single. The results confirmed that those who were single had a greater sense of self-determination and had a higher chance of experiencing development and growth as a person.

In addition, the number DePaulo looked at were reported by the Office for National Statistics and revealed that in the United Kingdom last year there were twenty-three million married people and sixteen million single people. In fact, the number of single people is constantly growing. Those who stayed single actually have better connections with their co-workers, siblings, friends, and parents. Those who stayed married are more likely to become more closed off.

Being single comes with others continually asking you questions like ‘when are you going to find a boyfriend/girlfriend?’ ‘When are you going to have children?’ It goes without saying that these questions can be annoying.

It is important to understand that marriage doesn’t make you happier. Only you can actually make yourself happy. This means that you can live a fulfilling life without getting married or having children. In short, you can be single and happy. Just because others are doing it, it doesn’t mean that you also have to do it. Just because your parents are pressing you for grandchildren, it doesn’t mean that you should jump into the arms of the first man that sticks around. Of course, you may also meet some ‘sad’ single people. However, almost all single people are actually happy.

Single people live their lives the way that they want to. They are happy being on their own. Being single lets them live the most meaningful and authentic life they possibly can. Even though not everyone can be single, there isn’t anything wrong with being single. So, do not allow others to pressure you into something you are not ready for.

Source: ewao.com

Published: 23/09/18



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