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Haircuts styles to Indulge in, for 2018

By Editor, January 23th, 2018


Haircuts styles to Indulge in, for 2018

If 2017 was anything, it was the year of multi-colored unicorn hair and loose, delightfully lazy lobs, courtesy of the awesome advancements in color technology, as well as the prominent desire to have a fun, not-quite-short, not-quite-long style. Braids were also everywhere, as were pixie cuts adopted by usually long-haired celeb lovelies.

But those looks are all in the rearview. What’s on deck for hair in 2018? What picture will you be ripping out of a fashion mag or saving to your phone while browsing Pinterest or Instagram so that you can show it to your stylist at the salon and say “Give me that!” next time you sit in their chair? What hues, textures, and lengths will reign supreme over the next 365 days? Here are the haircuts you’ll be asking for in 2018.


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Shoulder lengths

Short hair, don’t care, Damaged hair is ready for a rest. In order to achieve a clean, sleek look, women will be going shorter in order to get rid of those fried ‘n’ frazzled follicles.

“Due to the more aggressive color techniques over the past four years, such as ombre and balayage, hair is brittle and damaged with over-bleached ends,. “You’ll start to see a lot of chin and shoulder-length styles.”

However, if you are not quite ready to snip, snip, and snip some more, the colorist suggests trying extensions to nurse your hair back to a healthier state, along with taking vitamins.

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A more natural look will eclipse the aforementioned wild, crazy, and ultimately daring styles and hues that defined 2017. “The trends for 2018 will focus on enhancing natural beauty,. “As we move away from aggressive hair colors, you will see more natural blending, using paper-thin highlights to create a gradual blonde, instead of sun-drenched blonde.”

Moving away from unusual hues in favor of colors actually found in nature may not be as adventurous, but it’s certainly more wearable for the office, at school, and formal occasions. Plus, these techniques will give tired tresses a much-needed break.


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Wild colors will fall by the wayside not only in favor of the natural looks, but also for something known as “undercurrents.”Some, clients want to tone it down with multi-dimensional colors woven through out their hair.” It’s surprisingly easy to get this depth of color, so hair “moves” beautifully and bouncily!

Honey blonde with highlights that you liked? Infuse that blonde with some copper, blush pink, or soft mint. We call these tones ‘undercurrents.’ They help move the overall haircut and hair color.” A cut and color being in synch is important for a pulled together coif in 2018.


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The shaggy bob

Haircuts will have grown out from the short, severe shapes into a sophisticated bob that can be worn straight and sleek, or shaggy and messy.”The versatility that longer bobs can have,” affirming that this cut “can still be pulled back and styled in many different ways.”

Taylor Swift loves to wear the Shaggy bob, Vanessa Quiles and Gabrielle Fishman of Soho’s Takamichi Hair also nod to the ’70s vibe “riding strong” with shaggy cuts featuring cheek-sweeping fringe.


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French girl chic

The biggest trend in the salon and on the street is ‘French Girl Chic. Clients are moving away from beachy blonde lobs and opting for darker-hued, edgier cuts.”

The ubiquitous hairstyle of the last few seasons (and the most popular style on Pinterest) is being traded in for a sleek bob paired with blunt bangs. French girls have been rocking these looks for decades, and every now and then, they become popular again in the U.S.”

A bob with bangs is tres sophisto and allows you to enjoy a dose of instant glam.


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Geometric bowl cuts

Strong, structured looks will also dominate in 2018. 2018 will be the year of cutting it all off. Bowl haircuts and strong geometry will dominate styles, as we trend out of the retro-1990s looks that have been making the hair scene for the last few years.”

A geometric cut with an unusual shape is super sexy but it can be high maintenance, since you can’t simply toss it into a ponytail on lazy Sundays and when you don’t have time to deal with doing your hair. It also requires plenty of confidence with your overall style in order to pull it off, but you’ve so got this. Try it.

Modern, geometric haircuts wear like wigs,” which also contributes to the commitment factor and having to maintain the cut on the regular.


Androgynous mullets and shags

Androgynous mullets and shags

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Gender fluidity has become such a powerful, amazing cultural and societal construct in 2018. It will further assert itself in the hairstyles that come to prominence in the next year. SureThing suggests that “styles venturing into mullet territory will be hot for the androgynous set, moving away from Barber-inspired and even militaristic-looking cuts.”

These gender-less looks will have both the ’60s and international vibe, as well. “Think soldiers coming home to the ‘Summer of Love’ and deconstructed mod looks from swinging London.


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Unfussy and textured

Based on looks that graced fashion runways, unfussy and textured hair, both long and mid-length, will be a 2018 “go to” with follicles.

There will be a lot of plays on texture, no matter the length or color. Slicked back, tousled, or loose will definitely be a go to in 2018. Mid-length locks will be the hit this year — right below the shoulder, with long, choppy texturizing. This will allow the most styling versatility.”

Natural and tousled hair, featuring soft waves achieved by a wand iron, will result in an effortless look,” explained Dery. “We are seeing women embrace their natural texture and hair versus trying to change it. Mid-lengths that are messy and longer lengths with volume and flow are your best bets.


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The pageboy

Daring, shortcuts besides the aforementioned bob-with-bangs will be back for those who are willing to show off their features, rather than hiding behind a cascade of long hair. “For short haircuts, if the ladies are willing, [there will be] a real return to sturdy pageboy haircuts.

The pageboy calls attention to one’s eyes and jawline, as well as the curves of the neck. It’s a revealing ‘do but in all the right ways.


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Asymmetrical styles with many vivid colors” are also going to make a play for dominance in 2018. An asymmetrical cut is long on one side, shorter on the other and when paired with a bright shade, it’s really one of the most beautiful things you can do with your strands.

But know this — an asymmetrical cut is one that requires commitment and maintenance, so go into it with that in mind and ready to invest the necessary time to keep it in tip-top shape.


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Tapered Afro

This particular trend has been “creeping in all year,” but is about to become more prominent for those of you who have loads of natural texture. 2018 “will definitely belong to the TWA/Tapered Afro for those with kinky, curly tresses, [which] allows you to enjoy all the volume and glory of curly hair without too much of the hassle… and it’s so versatile!”

A Tapered Afro will never be boring, since, you can go with “an undercut with graphic design, lots of length on top or a shorter finish, marked edges, or a natural finish!” The options are endless and experimental, since “they definitely add a touch of fun and personality to your everyday look.” Go for it!


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More color

Color in general will be big, no matter the cut or the shape. “To incorporate the color with haircuts, it can be from short texture haircut all the way to have a beautiful long hair with layers, creating a perfect sexy Victoria’s Secret model look.

This includes multi-tones in highlights, such as neutral blondes mixing light brown with golden blonde flourishes. Medium brown paired with pale blonde, as well as a red base with blonde highlights, also make for a stunning end result.


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Long Layers

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If you view your hair as a curtain and vehemently nix going short, you can get some additional texture, volume, and playfulness with long layers, like Amanda Seyfried, will love too. The long layers and face-framing angles will prevent hair from falling flat or looking dated. Think of quintessential Amanda Seyfried long hair!

“Women are going to be asking for longer layers for 2018. “The shortest layer starts at your chin. The layers will allow for great fullness and texture to long hair.”


Published: 24/01/18



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