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How To Wear Denim On Denim

  How To Wear Denim On Denim

 As spring is now here, denim on denim outfits are going to be cropping up everywhere as people just want to incorporate more and more denim into their wardrobe. A lot of people still think that double denim is a no go, but a lot are coming around to the idea, so hopefully you will all like triple denim too!

I recently wore this denim on denim outfit (above and just below) and I couldn’t love it more! Being the denim addict that I am, the more opportunities I get to wear denim, the more I will jump on it! So, with that being said, how do you wear multiple denim on denim and make it look chic, not bleak? The key is in the shades of denim you choose and of course, the styling! Find out my top tips for rocking it in the Fall/Winter as well as the Spring/Summer and guys, don’t worry, this isn’t just a post for the ladies, I’ve styled multiple denim outfits for you too!

One of the ways I personally love to wear denim on denim looks is with a really dark indigo black skinny jean (in this case I had on the is the TRUE RELIGION, which you can buy here) then I like to opt for a medium denim shirt to wear on. The contrast of the different shades of denim really play off against each other and they don’t look too over the top.

So to create an outfit that looks stylish and put together, without looking too denim heavy, the key is choosing very different shades of blue. I can even added blue accessories just to add a few more elements of blue that weren’t denim, to keep it subtle. I find this look works for both Fall or Spring as it uses various shades of blue, depending on which climate you live in of course.


                                          Zendaya Coleman

                                                   Double Denim For Men

And guys, as this is a denim blog, I didn’t leave you out! I was able to find many photos online of men in denim fortunately, however this is so kool. This one is pretty similar to my own outfit at the top of this post actually and the same rules apply, keep the shades of denim completely different to one another.

Men style is so cool,  So this is how guys can wear denim on denim in the day time, for work and look stylish and put together. Of course you can tailor this to suit your own style, but just remember the rules of keeping the shades completely different if ones being tied.

Images Courtesy of Kim Kardashian, Zendaya Cole, models

Published: 22/07/17



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