The 7 Most Requested Haircuts at Salons Right Now

The 7 Most Requested Haircuts at Salons Right Now


By ADETOUN ADEYEMO. September 23th, 2019. 10:00am

Social media is full of hairstyle inspiration, especially Instagram and Pinterest. What is your everyday haircut ideas 

we turned to stylists from some of our favorite salons to find out what cuts are most requested by their clients. Unsurprisingly, the styles they find themselves doing most often are some of this season’s biggest hair trends like the popular bob, plus classic looks like long, face-framing layers. 

And if you don’t want to make a major change, there’s looks in here for you, too. Adding curtain bangs to your current cut or switching to blunt ends are small tweaks, but majorly transformative. 

Keep scrolling to find your perfect haircut before you go ahead and book that appointment with your favorite stylist.

Blunt Cut 

Kerry Washington

You’ve seem the uber-popular blunt bob everywhere, but clean ends work on a longer mid-length like Kerry Washington’s hair, too. Tricomi says to ask your stylist for a cut that’s blunt all around with no layers or framing of the face.

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The Lob 

Sandra Bullock

Like its bob counterpart, the lob is an extremely versatile cut. “It’s a great cut when your transitioning your hair from a long length to a medium/shorter length,” says Matos. ” The lob works well for all hair types, but consult with your stylist on how short is too short.”

If you have thick hair, you can always take the weight out of it to make it blunt or make it super piece-y. it is recommended prepping the hair with a heat-protecting primer like In Common Magic Myst Universal Elixir, blow-drying it straight, and then adding in texture with a wand. The result? Effortless bends as seen on Sandra Bullock. 




Curtain Bangs 

Camila Cabello

As far as bangs go, curtain bangsare about as low-maintenance as you can get. No wonder the style is so on-demand at salons. “They’re a game-changer because they switch up your whole look without doing anything drastic,” says Clark. “They are versatile and work on any hair structure.”  

When you’re styling curtain bangs, part them down the center like Camila Cabello for a ’70s vibe. A little bit of hairspray will hold them in place


The Bob 

Mandy Moore

Blunt or soft, the bob’s versatility (plus the fact that it looks amazing on all face shapes) is what’s made it one of the most popular haircuts of the past few years. If you have fine hair, Adetoun, says to have your stylist make it super blunt so that your hair appears thicker and fuller. 

Another volume-boosting trick? “Use a flat iron only on the ends to keep this look sleek, but still maintain volume throughout the hair,” says Balding. 

And if you’re not into a sleek look, you can fake fullness with big, loose curls like Mandy Moore.


The Shag 

Julianne Hough

The beauty of the shag is that the cut works for every hair length — whether you’re on the shorter side like Julianne Hough or have a long length like Halley Berry. “I’m loving the shag at the moment, because it brings in lots of layers and loads of texture, making it airy and breathable, which is exactly what we need with the humidity rising,” says Amy Clark, a stylist at Rob Peetom New York. “This style gives softness to curls and waves while providing volume for those with fine hair.”

For straight hair, Clark recommends spraying damp hair with Davines This Is A Sea Salt Spray and drying hair upside down for a lived-in look. And for curls, the stylist suggests using Davines Curl Cream to hold and enhance their shape. 


Long Layers 

Shay Mitchell

“Long layers with a long length is a gorgeous, versatile look that adds an effortless flow throughout the hair, plus it suits all hair types,” says Adetoun Adeyemo. However, if your hair is really thick,  ask your stylist to have the weight removed underneath to keep the look flowy. 

Long With Face-Framing Layers 

Jessica Biel

“A long layered haircut with shorter face-framing pieces is a great cut when you want to keep your length long but want more movement throughout the hair “By having the face frame that’s a little shorter, it will take out the heaviness around the front of the hair, and it will add more movement and softness around the face.”

This cut works well with all hair types and textures, but keep this in mind when you and your stylist are considering how short to go with your layers.  


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Published: 24/09/19

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