7 Morning Habits To Kick Off The Productive Day

7 Morning Habits To Kick Off The Productive Day

By Adetoun Adeyemo – October 20, 2017


Morning habits lead to making healthy and wise choices throughout your day. There are only 24 hours in a day and time continues to tick by faster every year. It seems impossible to stuff everything you need to do in such a short amount of

time. However, you can use your time wisely and include healthy habits that will set you up for success. Many people roll out of bed and immediately into the chaos of their day. But I couldn’t imagine the most successful people rushing through their shower or skipping breakfast.

Developing a regular morning ritual prepares you for the day and helps you to become more productive. Consistency sounds boring and it is to a lot of people, but it’s also necessary for accomplishing your goals. No one climbs the ladder of success overnight. If this were true, everyone would reach the top. You can utilize the morning hours and start your day with positivity by crossing a few items off your “to do” list. Here is a list of things to do instead of pressing the snooze button or smoke that morning cigarette.

Yoga and Meditation

Practicing meditation and yoga can help you set your intentions for the day. Spending a few quiet moments to yourself can help clear your mind, sharpen your focus and bring awareness to the body. There are numerous health benefits that have been linked through meditation such as lowered blood pressure and improved blood circulation. I like to start my day with 20 minutes of yoga and end my evening with 20 minutes of meditation. The more frequently you meditate, you’ll be able to handle whatever life throws your way.

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Along with exercise, your body requires proper nourishment to get through the day. Some mornings are hard to wake up, but looking forward to a hearty meal can be motivating. People who eat within an hour of when they wake up will feel

energized, focused and healthy. A hearty breakfast can wake you up and power your day. Studies have found that eating breakfast stabilizes glucose levels, which enhances concentration, memory, and creativity. Those who skip the most important meal of the day tend to eat more calories, making weight hard to lose and maintain. Always include protein in your breakfast and avoid heavy meals and starchy foods. Eggs, yogurt, and granola are quick and easy meals that will give you nutrients without weighing you down. A few of my favorite beverages are coffee, green tea, and water with lemon. Try to stay away from juices like orange or cranberry since these beverages contain a large amount of sugar. Drinking a glass of warm water before every meal will benefit your digestive system and keep you full for longer.

Make A List

I alway make sure i make a list of all my schedule, that way i don’t miss out of my plan. I don’t think I could ever get ANYTHING done without writing down all the tasks I need to complete. If you feel like you have way too many things on your plate- list all of them down in a list & start from the most important ones. You’re going to feel more in control this way & let me tell ya- seeing those check marks is very rewarding ✓ !

“Me” Time

What better way to start the day than with yourself. Before you have to rush through traffic and deal with these crazy times we live in, slow down. Light a few candles and pour the bubble bath. The mind needs a break to unwind and refuel. It’s nearly impossible to concentrate on daily tasks when your mind is bogged down. Read a book, take a bath or meditate for a few minutes. It doesn’t matter what your outlet is as long as you have one. Start the day by doing something you

legitimately enjoy.

House Work

It’s so annoying to come home after working all day to a dirty house. Do yourself a favor and wake up a few extra minutes earlier to cross off a few items off your list. Start a load of laundry, vacuum the house or check your email to kick off the day with productivity. You’ll thank yourself later knowing that you won’t have to come home to a sink full of dirty dishes.


I honestly believe that exercise is essential for a completely fulfilling life. Being able to move your body is incredible, so you should take full advantage of your good health. Twenty minutes to an hour of physical activity in the morning helps your creative juices and positive energy flow naturally. Even a few minutes of walking, running or yoga can boost confidence, happiness and focus throughout the day. If you are a dog owner, taking your furry friend on a walk can do the body wonders. The more you can incorporate the outdoors into your day, the happier you will also be. I feel the most creative after an intense workout or a long run outside.

Create Something New

It feels good to start the day off by creating something new. If you are an artist, break out the paint brushes. If you are an author, sit down and write. You’ll feel like you can take on anything that comes your way after you put on your thinking cap.

You can also use this time to do any meal prepping for the week to save you, even more, time. Cooking your favorite meals is also a stress reliever to some.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know how you start your day in the comments section. Please subscribe to be notifying of future blog posts. If you are looking to collaborate, I am open to suggestions. You can drop me an email at Talk to you soon loves!


Published: 20/10/17



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