10 Rainy Day Outfit Ideas Prove That Style Is Waterproof

10 Rainy Day Outfit Ideas Prove That Style Is Waterproof

Rainy days are here in many parts of the country, but don’t let anything from a downpour to a light drizzle send your morning dressing routine into a tailspin.

The 10 chic ladies below are serving up some serious rainy day outfits. In sneakers, booties; with armors of anoraks, red jacket, the rain doesn’t have to prevent you from looking your best, no matter where you’re headed!

Go classic with an yellow flowering skirt and black top, topped with a classic trench jacket. On drizzling days, opt for yellow boots that won’t be ruined by a few drops of rain on the floor.

rainy day outfit idea trapper hat

Getty Images

With a skirt-and-blouse look, keep warm by adding a pair of tights to your outfit. For work, slip into a pair of chunky heel booties that are both rain- and office-friendly.

rainy day outfit idea quarter life closet

The Quarter Life Closet

Sometimes sneakers do just the trick. They’ll be just fine if the rain picks up but aren’t too bulky when the clouds run dry!

rainy day outfit idea little blonde book

 Blonde Dairy 

Whether you reach for casual jeans or dressed-up trousers, try some cropped pants so they don’t drag on the damp ground.

What I Wore

For a lightweight alternative to traditional Gucci Sneaker, reach for a short dress. They look awesome on a fashionable rain coat.

 Add a bright color red to the look and you’re totally set for rainy winter days.

That Sexy Pink

For a more casual option, choose an anorak over a classic trench. It even adds a bit of color to your weekend denim uniform.

rainy day outfit idea style heroine

Style Heroine

As fall turns into winter, make sure you have a coat in rotation that will protect you from the wind and rain but keep you toasty warm at the same time.

rainy day outfit idea camille over the rainbow

Camille Over the Rainbow

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Published: 04/09/17



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