1. Mesh polka-dot material doesn’t have to stay in tulle-form.

Mesh polka-dot designs are pretty popular in the fashion world right now.I love how she paired this timeless materials on her body to create a classic look!

Ashley Graham Wear Polka Dots Dress And walked out in New York

2. This pink polka-dot shirt actually super cute right now.

I love how soft and stylish this shirt feels like  — and it looks totally comfortable.

polka dot shirt and a black-skirt

3. Keep your eyes peeled for nice looking, high-waisted skirts with giant, chip cookie-sized polka dots on them.

This polka-dot design is super sophisticated and will be sure to make you stand out.

4. If your wardrobe is feeling a bit plain lately, I highly suggest investing in some polka-dot pants to add some subtle fun.

The micro polka dots are subtle enough that they simply complement the amazing details of your other outfit pieces.

5. Do you love thrift or vintage shopping? Keep your hawk eyes alert for some real polka-dot gems out there.

If anything, you will look the exact opposite of a five-year-old and be more reminiscent of a stylish middle-aged woman in the ’80s.Totally my aesthetic.

6. Look out for larger polka dots on a long-sleeved shirt.

This design is super retro and adds a hint of chic with the neck tie.It also looks amazing with bright red lipstick and rich-colored blue jeans. All she needs is a malt shake!

7. I absolutely live for polka-dot mesh dresses.

They are so easy to dress up or dress down.I’m always down for versatile clothing pieces! I would definitely get my money’s worth out of a dress like this.

8. If you’re not sure about wearing polka-dot clothing, why not try accessorizing with the fun print?

This is a great way to try it out and look absolutely fire at the same time.

9. Why limit yourself to one polka-dot piece? It’s probably best to just commit to the whole shebang and go all out.

I really love how this fashionista color-coordinated everything! Wearing polka dot shirt with a striped pullover

10. You can still combine polka-dot print with frills and look like you sip on Americanos at trendy cafés, even if you don’t.

This outfit looks like it would be great to wear for a night out while on vacation.

11. Why not just try polka-dot nail polish art to complement your neutral wardrobe?

This is a unique way to experiment with polka dots if you’re not 150% feelin’ it just yet in your life.

12. Or you could opt for a small pop of polka dots under a distressed pair of jeans to really switch things up.

This is also great for the days — or months — when you skip on shaving.

13. Pair a polka-dot jumpsuit with some vibrant accessories.

This is a great way to bring some color into your outfit, especially when a lot of polka-dot clothing pieces are black and white, which can be pretty boring at times.

14. Why not try pairing a vibrant polka-dot top with another black and white polka-dot piece?

While it may seem like this combo would clash, it actually doesn’t at all!

15. Get the best of both worlds with a polka dot mini dress!

I love how Kendall Jenner walking it out with the polka dots mini dress.

Kendall Jenner

16. Don’t forget to look out for a classy polka-dot swimsuit!

This swimsuit totally proves just how much mesh polka dots reign supreme in the polka-dot world.Not to mention, it’s super flattering on anyone!

17. I don’t know about you, but I love combining pink polka dots long dress. You cant be worried after wearing this cutie!

18. Wear polka-dot socks to add a li’l somethin’-somethin’ to your outfit for the day.

The socks will help fill up some space in a subtle way.This look right here is revolutionary, if you ask me.

polka-dot-tights socks

19. I am a HUGE fan of big polka-dot shirt.

This is another wardrobe staple that you can dress up or down and they look great all year round.Seriously, right at this moment. Stop what you’re doing and find yourself a pair.

20. I wish I could be as cool as this girl right here.

This takes off-the-shoulder fashion to a new level!Let us know in the COMMENTS how you wear your polka dots!