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The 7 Most Luxury Facials to Try in Miami

The 7 Most High-Tech Facials to Try in Miami

Lapis Spa

Martha Stewart stamps this as “the most beautiful spa in America,” so if you’re gonna book a treatment at Lapis Spa, then you might as well go big and reserve the Bleau private spa suite. There are two treatment beds, a jetted tub and a private bathroom and shower that accompany your oceanside view. Oh, and once you’re done with your Aroma Detox therapy, you can bequest a personal bath butler to cater to your bubbling needs. If you’re on a budget like most, though, check online for Lapis’s many monthly specials, which include access to the spa’s myriad water journey rooms.

The sun, sand, beautiful beaches and tons of nightlife options make Miami a vibrant, barely-sleep city, but the spa and wellness spots are equally as prevalent, providing serene sanctuaries where you can take in some serious skin-saving facials.You May Also Like: The 5 Best Spa Treatments to Try in New York City

CACI Ultimate Lift Facial at Mandarin Oriental

The magic of microcurrent in this totally customizable treatment takes on puffiness, sagginess and all other signs of lackluster skin to leave your face looking completely revitalized.

Original Beauty Facial Treatment at The Setai

Combining a peel, serious facial massage and traditional Japanese and Thai tools that are said to stimulate circulation, this powerful facial not only makes skin look immediately better, but also has the ability to decrease the appearance of pigmentation and sun spots.

Oxygen Facial By Luzern at The Spa at Thompson Miami Beach

Perfect for anyone who wants to fight signs of aging without any downtime, this walk-right-out-with-an-immediate-glow facial fights fine lines and wrinkles and makes anyone look more refreshed and rested in 80 minutes.

Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial at Acqualina Resort

A trio of microdermabrasion, microcurrent and LED light therapy all meet in this device-driven lifting, toning and firming facial. The result: Skin looks smoother, more radiant and more nourished, and stays that way for days after.

Alpha Beta Facial, Cowshed Spa at Soho Beach House

This 90-minute medical-grade facial features glycolic, mandelic, salicylic and lactic acid exfoliators to treat acne, uneven texture and hyperpigmentation.



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6 Natural Ways to Protect Against Stretch Marks

6 Natural Ways to Protect Against Stretch Marks

August 24, 2017

Stretch marks: most people have them…nobody likes them. Known to dermatologists as striae, stretch marks are scars that develop when your skin has to accommodate rapid growth. Often first appearing as reddish or purple lines on your thighs, hips, or belly, stretch marks fade over time but, like any scar, may never disappear completely.

Why do we get stretch marks? Your skin stays supple thanks to the proteins elastin and collagen, but when it becomes overstretched during puberty, pregnancy, or times of sudden weight gain and hormonal imbalance, the dermis layer of your skin tears and stretch marks form. Women are particularly prone, but stretch marks also commonly plague obese people of both genders.Your personal susceptibility to developing stretch marks is mostly genetic, and unfortunately, there’s no way to completely prevent them. Don’t waste your hopes or money on lotions and creams; stretch marks form from within and nothing you apply topically can counteract the process (if only that weren’t true!).

The good news is that you can boost your defenses against stretch marks by eating foods and leading a lifestyle that help the skin to maintain its elasticity. Even better, these measures are excellent for all other aspects of your health, too!

Eat foods that boost collagen production: Enjoy foods rich in vitamins C, B, and E, all of which contribute to collagen formation. Good (and delicious) options include citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, and nuts and seeds. Check out the other foods you should eat for your skin this summer!

Oil Treatments: Beneficial oils include: Olive oil, Vitamins E oil, Essential oils, and castor oil. Vitamins E oil can help improve skin elasticity as well and therefore prevent stretch marks. Most of these oils work because of their antioxidant properties which reduce free radical d

Get plenty of exercise: Regular physical activity improves circulation and promotes the elasticity of skin. New research shows that a regular exercise routine even can undo signs of aging!

Stay well hydrated: Drinking plenty of water is one of the best things you can do to strengthen and renew your skin. Plus, staying well hydrated boosts your immune system, energizes muscles, and improves digestion.

Vitamin C: The body uses Vitamin C to from collagen and cartilage. Vitamin C is also highly effective in reducing consume collagen and elastin. It is best to get Vitamin C from a natural food source instead of a supplement. Foods high in Vitamin C include red and green bell peppers, guava, kale, parsley greens, turnips, and broccoli. You can also make your own vitamin C.

Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter: Shea butter and cocoa butter are two of the best emollients out there. They are exceptional at keeping the skin moist and hydrated. Cocoa butter is a natural fat extracted from the cocoa bean. Shea butter is made from the nut of the Karite tree. the fatty acids are extracted the skins renewal process. Again preventing and also helping reduce stretch marks.

Once you have stretch marks, the most common ways to reduce their appearance are decidedly unnatural—both laser treatments and applying topical retinoids stimulate collagen growth and speed up cell turnover.

However, exciting research also points to the effectiveness of mixing onion extract and hyaluronic acid, a carbohydrate that is naturally found throughout the human body. Some people also swear by the topical application of vitamin E, though it’s unsupported by research.

Finally, perhaps the most important point to keep in mind is that although your stretch marks may never magically change, your outlook on them can. Try to accept them and even embrace them! Think of it this way: your body is your vehicle through life, and as time passes, it leaves physical marks as mementos of the experiences you’ve had, places you’ve gone, and people you’ve loved. Some women value their pregnancy stretch marks as badges of motherhood and a symbol of their love and sacrifice for their children. And never forget the old cliché—true beauty comes from within!

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8 Foods to Have on Hand for Natural Beauty Treatments

8 Foods to Have on Hand for Natural Beauty Treatments

 August 24, 2017


 1. Egg-facial-mask-Recipes: Eggs have several uses, including culinary and beautifying purposes. Besides providing the body the body sufficient protein for building the body, eggs are used in naturally beauty treatments. Egg masks are used for enhancing the skin’s tone and texture. Knowing the benefits of the egg mask may assist you to make the switch and start using it.

a. Treats wrinkles

Applying the egg mask regularly may act like a temporary treatment for wrinkles. Scientists have found that the egg white is effective at lowering the presence of wrinkles on the face. The protein present in eggs provides skin a lighter and smoother appearance, which helps to hide the wrinkles. Hence, those looking to prevent ageing symptoms from showing should start making use of egg masks regularly.

b. Tightens skin pores

Applying this particular egg mask more often shrinks the pores, which is a very beneficial action. This prevents the accumulation of grime and dirt in these pores. This benefit is linked to the enzyme known as lysozyme, which functions like a natural preservative. Skin experts believe that this characteristic transfers into effective skin care by preserving the elasticity of the skin and also tightening pores.

c. Acne treatment

Egg mask may assist in the treatment of acne, even though it has not yet been scientifically proven. All the same, it never hurts to try it out. The effectiveness of the egg mask like an acne remedy is linked to its protein content. The protein helps in not only healing but also rebuilding the skin. These actions reduce and even totally eliminate acne.

d. Benefits oily skin

Using the egg mask is beneficial for individuals with oily skins. The protein found in eggs absorbs the excessive oil in your skin. This leaves your face fresh and well toned. Actually, egg masks can be applied onto the face like an astringent.

In conclusion, egg masks are effective at cleansing the skin and making it bright and sof

Treating yourself to a nourishing spa treatment doesn’t have to involve harsh chemicals and unnatural ingredients! Some of the most effective and natural treatments for skin problems such as dry skin or acne can be created at home with just a few ingredients from your kitchen.  I’m constantly mashing up foods and carting them from kitchen to bathroom so I can slather them on my skin! The best part is, the foods that are the most beneficial for your skin aren’t expensive or hard to find. They are all very common ingredients that you most likely already have on hand.


  1. Coconut oil: This is my go-to DIY beauty supply! Not only is it great on its own as an intensive night time moisturizer for your body and face, it’s also an incredible hair mask to liven up dull, dry locks and is the perfect smoothing body scrub when mixed with a bit of sugar. I also keep a jar in my shower to use as shaving cream!
  2. Avocado: Not only is everyone’s favorite savory fruit the perfect addition to just about any meal, it’s also a powerhouse when it comes to natural beauty. It’s rich in essential oils that moisturize dry skin as well as vitamin A that can remove dead skin cells.  Mash up an avocado and rub it into your hair as a conditioning mask before you shower, or apply it to your face as an acne and wrinkle-fighting facemask!
  3. Cinnamon: This spice has very strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties, so it’s one of my main natural defenses against acne. If you have acne prone skin, mix cinnamon with honey to create a detoxifying facemask. You can use it as a stronger spot treatment by mixing more cinnamon and less honey to create a thick paste. Apply it to the affected area and leave it overnight.
  4. Raw, Local Honey: The base of all of my favorite natural facemask recipes is raw, local honey. Honey is another great remedy for troublesome skin and it provides the right texture and viscosity needed to make a face mask. I love using raw, local honey because it’s 100% pure honey and it provides a slight defense against local allergies.
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar: Looking for a nighttime toner? Look no further than your kitchen pantry! Mix one part apple cider vinegar with three parts water in a small spray bottle and use it to spritz your face after you wash it. This toner can help clear out your pores, but it does have a strong smell, so I recommend only doing this treatment at night. ACV also has many summertime beauty benefits!
  6. Oranges: Citrus fruit is a great all-natural cure for dry, flaky skin. The acidity in the fruit removes dead skin cells. I like to cut an orange in half and rub half into each elbow to keep them soft, although this technique will work on any body part where you have dry skin. You could also add freshly squeezed orange juice to your sugar and coconut oil scrub!
  7. Bananas: Bananas are incredibly moisturizing and hydrating. If your face is dry, add a small amount of mashed banana to your raw honey facemask. This mask will liven up your complexion and leave you with very soft skin! If you’re suffering from dry, cracked skin on your feet, try adding one part honey to three parts banana and rubbing it into your cracked heels. Remember to cover your feet with plastic wrap to avoid making a mess while you relax during the treatment!

Do you have any favorite at-home natural beauty treatment ingredients?

Next time you make a trip to the grocery store, add these 7 foods to your shopping list for some at home pampering!



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Checkout The Simple Mental Trick Can Keep You From Sabotaging Your Workout

Checkout The Simple Mental Trick Can Keep You From Sabotaging Your Workout

July 3, 2014
Exercising With Weights

You’re absolutely spent after a crushing workout class—and now you’re going to reward yourself with a big plate of fries and the juiciest burger in town.

Sound familiar? Overcompensating for an intense workout with extra food is a known phenomenon, and it’s the culprit behind the dreaded weight-loss plateau if the point of the exercise is to shed pounds.

But a new study shows a simple shift in perspective could be all it takes to keep from packing in too much food after a workout: Instead of focusing on how tough your workout is, focus on how fun it is.

The study, published in the journal Marketing Letters and led by Carolina Werle, an associate professor of marketing at Grenoble Ecole de Management in France, included several experiments. In the first, she asked 56 women to walk the same mile-long path at individual times at their own pace. Half of the group was told the purpose of the walk was to exercise, while the other half of the group was told the goal of the walk was to “do something fun” and test the music-listening quality of a new MP3 player.

After the women went on their walks, they were invited to eat a buffet lunch that included pasta with meat, green beans, and bread. They were also asked to make two choices for a dessert and drink: applesauce or chocolate pudding, and water or Coke.

Werle found that both the “fun” group and “exercise” group ate about the same amount of calories for their main course from the buffet lunch; they were also equally split in choosing between the healthy drink and dessert options. Where the two groups did differ, though, was in the amount of drinks and desserts. Women in the “fun” group served themselves fewer calories’ worth of drinks and desserts, compared with those in the “exercise” group. In fact, the “exercisers” served themselves 42 percent more pudding and Coke than those who were told they were just on a fun walk.

Similar results were shown in subsequent experiments included in the study, including one that involved having participants either exercise or take a “fun” sightseeing tour of a campus, and then serve themselves M&M candies. Just as in the first experiment, those who were told they were exercising served themselves twice as many M&Ms after the walk than those told they were just sightseeing.

“I think we can frame our workouts in different ways, focusing on whatever we consider fun about it (listening to our favorite music while running or chatting with a friend during a brisk walk) instead of focusing only on the effort that will be performed,” Werle wrote in an email to HuffPost. “The more fun we have during the physical activity the less we’ll feel the license to indulge or the need to compensate for the previous effort.”

Need some advice for staying positive about your workout to make it less of a chore? Here are three tricks:

Take time to remember one positive thing about your workout that day.

A small study from the University of New Hampshire found that people who were asked to think about positive exercise memories actually worked out out more than people who had no memories about their exercise. In fact, people who had negative memories meant to inspire them to exercise also worked out more than the zero-memory participants—but not as much as the positive memory participants.

Don’t make it a competition! Think about exercise as a game.

In a study of Division 1 soccer players, researchers found that levels of the stress hormone cortisol and anxiety rose after playing a match, but not after practice. With that in mind, since most exercisers aren’t actually playing an official game, there’s no real reason to stress yourself out as if you were playing in one, according to celebrity trainer Lacey Stone, who likes to emphasize sociability and fun at her classes instead of rivalries (no matter how friendly they are).

“Don’t go against your friend, play with your friend,” Stone told HuffPost. “We’re trying to have fun together, which gives you an endorphin rush rather than a cortisol rush.”

Transform exercise into social events.

This concept goes way beyond accountability buddies, who can sometimes guilt or pressure you into working out. Instead, gather a group of people who have the same passion for fitness as you do, and then pick new activities for all of you to try together. The idea comes from Australian fitness expert Michelle Bridges, creator of the 12 Week Body Transformation. She suggests taking turns having one person be responsible for coming up with the group’s weekly physical activity, whether it be a workout class, hike, or group run. The only condition: it has to be something social, new, and exciting. “Through creating a social community and environment for adventurous physical activity, you’ll regard your exercise as an ever-changing activity with friends, not a chore,” Bridges wrote in an email to HuffPost.


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