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A New Procedure Lets You Get Rid of Fat in Just 30 Minutes

A New Procedure Lets You Get Rid of Fat in Just 30 Minutes

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Find Fat Melters and Fat Reducers Doctors near you: 

SculpSure uses the heat from a laser to raise your body temperature, in turn destroying unwanted fat cells(the cells are naturally expelled from your body over the following two weeks post-treatment) from your love handles and/or abdomen. According to the company, after about three months there is permanently less fat in the body (some patients only require one treatment, while others need additional treatments to see optimal results).

The best part? Those problem areas won’t be a problem anymore.

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This New Study Could Mean the Solution for Hair Loss

This New Study Could Mean the Solution for Hair Loss


Photo Credits: Getty Images | Model Used for Illustrative Purpose Only

For the 80 percent of women and 60 percent of men who will experience noticeable hair loss by age 60, finding new ways to stimulate hair growth could change the lives of millions of people. Recently, UCLA researchers may have found the answer: stimulating hair follicle stem cells.

When scientists talk about metabolism, they aren’t just talking about how much food your body can process without gaining weight. Metabolism describes all of the processes in your body that turn food into energy, one of which takes place on your scalp and could hold the answer to regenerating hair growth.

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When hair follicle stem cells don’t activate, that is, when they don’t metabolize glucose from the bloodstream into either lactate or pyruvate (two metabolites), hair loss ensues. This finding opened up a new door for researchers in increasing the production of these metabolites to accelerate hair growth through stem cell activation. In the subsequent study, performed at UCLA, the team first blocked the production of lactate in mice and observed the way this prevented hair growth. Then, they increased the production of lactate, which activated the hair follicle stem cells, thus stimulating hair growth.

Now, the researchers are working to harbor these effects in a drug for human use. They’ve tested and patented both RCGD423 and UK5099: the former activates a signaling pathway to increase lactate production while the latter blocks pyruvate from entering the mitochondria to force the cells to produce lactate.

Though you can’t run to your doctor and pick up these hair-growth stimulants just yet, this research marks a breakthrough in regrowing hair and a huge shift from products that widen the hair follicle or costly hair transplant surgeries. With this new knowledge, there is hope for a carefree, noninvasive pill that won’t have you running to the store monthly to replace your bottle of Rogaine.

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This Instagram-Famous, Low-Calorie Ice Cream Just Became a Number-One Best-Seller

This Instagram-Famous, Low-Calorie Ice Cream Just Became a Number-One Best-Seller

If you haven’t heard of Halo Top, stop everything, purchase a pint, grab a spoon and be prepared to not feel so guilty for polishing the whole thing off in one sitting.

The high-protein, low-sugar ice cream delivers a whole lot less calories than your average scoop (as in under 300, total), and now, according to Delish, it’s staked its claim as the number-one, best-selling pint, winning out over household names like Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s.

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As Delish reports, “After launching in 2012, Halo Top’s sales jumped 2,500 percent between 2015 and 2016, thanks to word of mouth and social media. The low-cal creamery pulled in $132.4 million last year.”

That’s a whole lot of purchasing power for a category that hasn’t always done the best job in fooling us that the low-cal version is as good as the original—admittedly, not an easy feat—but, as Halo Top says, while it is “low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar, we use only the best, all-natural ingredients to craft our ice cream so that it tastes just like regular ice cream.” Two of the superstars: Organic Stevia and Erythritol, another all-natural sweetener found in fruits like pears and grapes that the company says doesn’t affect blood glucose or cause bloating.


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This Trendy New Category of Products May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Super Model Beauty

It seems like every day I get pitched on a new line of “beauty products” designed to make women lady’s part the cleanest, freshest and prettiest they’ve ever been. And although this personal care category is majorly trending, I couldn’t help but think, are all of these products really necessary? And, do they potentially pose a threat to the health of your vagina if they’re overused or not used properly? 
The thing is, we’re not just seeing downstairs-friendly body washes anymore—there’s a whole new world of products including moisturizer, exfoliator, wipes, serum, oil, mist, and even luminizer. Yes, you read that right. So needless to say, women are being flooded with options, but they may not have all the facts. To get to the bottom of things, I turned to two top Ob/GYNs for the real deal on what should and shouldn’t be applied to your “V.”

According to Ob/GYN Barb Depree he pH of your vagina plays a critical role in its health, and a normal vagina should be acidic. “Multitudes of bacteria belong there and that is completely normal and expected. The bacteria are in a fine balance, with lactobacillus being dominant. But, there are times when the pH can be disrupted, causing a shift in the normal bacterial balance, which can lead to a vaginal discharge, infection, odor, or irritation. Using vaginal products can be the disruption causing these problems.”  

So is warm water and a gentle body wash all we truly need to stay clean and fresh? “The skin of our sensitive parts below is not really getting dirty (in most instances), but rather sweaty,” says Ob/GYN Mache Seibel, MD. “And, if you’re wearing tight or occlusive clothing, it can develop an odor just like other parts of the skin. While water alone is typically enough, a mild soap should not cause a problem unless you have an allergy to the product.” Dr. Depree adds, “The vagina has the ability to ‘self-clean’—it really it does. This is one area for a woman that is truly low-maintenance. This is an area where the ‘less is best’ rule applies—just a mild soap, or better yet, no soap at all, and clear water with gentle rubbing (no scrubbing!) of the area.” 

Whether you’ve tried these new V-specific washes and prefer them over traditional cleansing methods, or you’re intrigued and want to give them a go for the first time, both doctors advise making sure there is no alcohol in the formulas you choose, as it can be very harsh and drying to the skin, which can lead to an infection. “Fragrances and dyes can also cause allergies,” says Dr. Seibel. “Look at the ingredients. Don’t put anything down there you wouldn’t put on your face.” However, if an infection does occur, Dr. Depree says correcting your vagina’s pH is often the best solution. “Using Rephresh can restore that acidic pH and allow all of those ‘good’ bacteria to get back in order.”

Brands like The Honey Pot, The Perfect V and Lo Bosworth’s line Love Wellness have jumped on the feminine care bandwagon, but with the promise of Chemical free formulas that are gyno-approved and don’t mess with your pH levels—The Honey Pot is even fragrance-free, too. However, if you’re going to give these products a try, start slow (don’t use them every day at first), so you can be sure they don’t cause any irritation.

The bottom line, as Dr. Seibel puts it: “Nature has taken pretty good care of our bodies for a very long time. Most of baths and showers we take are to get rid of surface dirt and some odor and to refresh us. Many of the products available for women’s feminine parts don’t, in my opinion, serve a very strong purpose. Use it if you feel it helps you, but as little as you can.”

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7 Daily Habits That Are Causing Your Skin to Break Out

7 Daily Habits That Are Causing Your Skin to Break Out


Stress, food sensitivities, your period and other hormonal factors aren’t the only reasons you might be breaking out. And while it may seem that your acne just showed up randomly one day and started causing trouble, there may actually be a link between your everyday habits and sudden or persistent pimples. We spoke with dermatologist Dr. Alan Parks, founder of DermWarehouse, to get his expert insight into some of the surprising, but common, adult acne causes.

Using the Wrong Product for Your Skin Type

“If you start breaking out after using a new product, it may not be the right one for your skin type. Check with your dermatologist about finding an alternative and make sure you ask him or her how to identify what your skin type is. Just because something works well for your best friend, doesn’t mean it will work well for you if her skin type is different than yours.”

Not Washing Your Face After Working Out

“If you’re letting sweat sit on your face after you work out, it’s likely that this will lead to breakouts. Make sure to clean your face ASAP after you exercise, even if you can’t shower right away. Throw the PCA Skin Blemish Control Bar in your workout bag. This product is uniquely packaged in a jar to prevent cross-contamination and is super easy to take to the gym.”

Adult Acne: Why You’re Still Breaking Out in Your 20s and 30s ]

Wearing Your Hair in Your Face

“When your hair is constantly falling in your face, the grease and sweat that accumulates in your hair is making its way to your face as well, which can very easily cause acne. If you’re sweating a lot or even if you haven’t washed your hair in a few days, it’s best to pull it back to keep that grease and sweat away from your face.”

Not Washing Your Pillowcase Frequently

“Every night when you go to sleep, the bacteria from your face is transferred to your pillowcase. This happens night after night and can certainly cause you to break out. If you’re washing your face thoroughly before bed, that will surely help, but nothing will do the trick better than washing your pillowcase on a regular basis.”

Forgetting to Moisturize

“It’s true that oily skin is more prone to breakouts, however, contrary to what many people believe, those with dry skin can suffer from acne as well. Acne is caused when your pores become clogged. Usually, this is from oil, but it can also be from dirt, bacteria or dead skin cells. Many acne products also tend to dry out your skin, so keeping it moisturized is extremely important if you’re using any kind of acne treatments.”

Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

“Using makeup brushes that aren’t cleaned regularly is a very common cause of acne. These brushes collect dirt, bacteria, old makeup, oil and more and if you don’t clean them regularly, you’re just putting all of that right back onto your face each morning. Dirt, bacteria and oil are a recipe for disaster when it comes to your skin, so make sure to keep those makeup brushes clean!”

Talking on Your Cell

“These days, we’re on our cell phones 24/7. We touch them with dirty hands and then put them up against our faces when we’re chatting away. This transfers any dirt and bacteria that has accumulated on your phone right onto your face, which can lead to breakouts and acne. Make sure you are cleaning your phone on a regular basis. Not only will this keep you from getting sick and make you healthier all around, it will also help with breakouts.”

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Work at home jobs- (Virtual Franchise) Part of the Rapidly Growing Health & Wellness Industry

Work at home jobs-

Virtual Franchise Part of the Rapidly Growing Health & Wellness Industry

By Author- Adetoun A Adefule

Just as you’ll enjoy sharing the healthy benefits of Juice Plus+ products, you’ll find you’ll want to share your Juice Plus+ business experience as well.

Let your enthusiasm drive you! As you gain more knowledge as a Juice Plus+ representative, pass down the skills you’ve learned to others and grow your earning potential at the same time.

The Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise system is based on a simple process that is proven to help you build a bigger and more successful Juice Plus+ business.

Soon you’ll be earning not just from your efforts but from the success of your team.

Grow Your Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise at Your Pace

With the Juice Plus+ business model, you can choose how far you want to grow your business – and how much money you want to make. As an individual representative, the Juice Plus+ business makes a nice supplemental income. You could earn enough to make your monthly car payments with a small business of your own. Grow your business to 40 members and you could make Juice Plus+ a full-time career.

We believe that the best business is an ethical business.  Juice Plus+ is committed to creating the most successful experience for team members and consumers by upholding the DSA Code of Ethics.

Before committing to a health plan. Here are a few things i have learned to watch out for:

1) Ingredients : Check the label. Is it a nutrition label? Is it Organics? Supplements aren’t sexy. Real whole, food nutrition is and nature cant never be duplicated. If you are unsure, reach out to me.

2)Research: Dietary supplements are NOT put through the same strict safety and effectiveness requirement that even pharmacy drugs are- meaning they do Necessary, i know my body needs more needs more of fruit and veggies. Experts recommend 9 to 13 serving a day or you take JUICE PLUS+ becos JUICE PLUS+ is furit and veggies. If you are not getting near that, you are simply deficient, and should look into bridging the gap by going straight to the source. I used to struggle to find a solid health plan that fit such a simply checklist. So take note. And you are looking for that full-time job or part-time job, you are in the right part.

Where are my ladies at?
Make money from home ,from your phone.
You will thank me for it later 💰💷💶
Like, comment or private message me to get u started👍Join the JUICEPLUS+ winning TEAM. You never can tell whos live you will be changing by joining. Lets all live better on JUICE PLUS+


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Adetoun Adeyemo and Adedoyin

Are moms supposed to look frumpy at the beach? Of course not! Get inspired by these women’s swimwear styles that are great for moms.

Just because you’ve entered into the “Mommy Zone” doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being stylish every day especially at the beach. There’s no rule that says you can only buy swimwear that makes you look frumpy. that is me and my Son looking Trendy on summer lol. There are swimsuits for after you have a baby and there are bathing suits for moms with somewhat older kids.

That being said, finding the balance between practicality and fashionable can be a challenge: you’re a woman first and foremost, so you want to maintain that individuality, but you still want to build a wardrobe that will get you through every day mommy life with confidence and ease. If you have a newborn or young toddlers, you especially want to keep it budget friendly: food, crafting + painting, and outdoor activities means lots of “wardrobe changes” so strive to find pieces that are chic, versatile, and affordable. The key to being a hot mama at the beach is finding swim pieces that are comfortable, that you feel confident in and that you’ll love to wear every time.

And now that Summer is officially here, family vacations, days by the pool and trips to the lake are on the near horizon, so you want to make sure you have a few suits that are cute, easy to move around in, and can serve double duty when needed. The last thing you want to worry about is how your suit fits!
One-Pieces: The Classic Swimsuit for Mothers

The go-to women’s swimwear for everyone (not just moms). A one-piece bathing suit with thicker straps is a great choice for the mom that needs a little more support up top. This style can be worn under sundresses and cover-ups, or even worn with a pair of shorts. If you have an active child, this swimwear style makes it so you don’t have to worry about straps moving or coming undone as you splash around with them in the water. There’s lots of one-piece swimsuits that look great on moms like you.

Kourtney Kardashian and Mson

Whether your goal is to show off that asset, keep it under wraps, or add a bit of volume, we’ve already done some searching for you, discovering options that’ll make you feel confident, sexy, and ready for fun in the sun

Harry Berry and Nahla

Check out our tips ahead and add the styles you love to your cart. Not worried about your booty but would like a tummy flattering look? Don’t worry, girl — we’ve got that, too.

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10 Powerful Thyme Herb Benefits for Your Health

10 Powerful Thyme Herb Benefits for Your Health

There are few things a sprig of thyme won’t make immensely better. This versatile herb blends well with a myriad of flavors and is packed full of health-promoting compounds, vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

Thyme belongs to the genus Thymus which is part of the mint family and closely related to oregano—another powerful herb. Native to the Southern Mediterranean regions, this perennial herb is now grown around the world for its culinary and therapeutic uses. While this herb will liven up your cooking, thyme may also help expel harmful organisms from your body and support your mental and physical health.

What Is Thyme?

Thyme is an evergreen herb that blooms with small white, pink, and purple flowers. They hybridize easily and grow quickly in sunny areas with well-drained soil. Thanks to its ease of cultivation and growth, there are over 300 varieties of thyme in existence today. Each variety has unique flavors and applications for cooking, oils, medicines, or decoration. Common thyme (T. vulgaris) and lemon thyme (T. citriodorus) are used for cooking, while Spanish thyme (T. zygis) and creeping thyme (T. serpyllum) are popular in many herbal supplements.[1]

History of Thyme

People’s love and admiration for thyme is nothing new. The recorded history of thyme extends back to ancient Egypt and Rome. Egyptians used thyme as part of their mummification process and Romans ate it before meals and gave it to soldiers as a sign of courage and admiration. In fact, the Latin word for thyme, thymus, means courage and strength. This tradition of giving thyme to soldiers carried on through the middle ages when people in England started using thyme as a cooking spice.[2]

Nutrients in Thyme

Thyme has remained influential over the years in part because of its health benefits, all of which are owed to its diverse profile of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutritional compounds. Thyme is an excellent source of fiber, calcium, iron, manganese, and vitamins A, B6, and C. There are also robust phenols inside the plant—thymol, eugenol, and carvacrol.

Here is the nutritional breakdown of one tablespoon of fresh thyme.[3]

Nutrient Amount
Protein 0.1 g
Fiber 0.3 g
Calcium 10 mg
Copper .01 mg
Manganese .04 mg
Magnesium 4 mg
Iron 0.4 mg
Phosphorus 15 mg
Potassium 5 mg
Riboflavin 17.7 mg
Thiamin 0.117 mg
Riboflavin .01 mg
Zinc .04 mg
Vitamin A .03 mg
Vitamin B6 .008 mg
Vitamin C 3.8 mg
Zinc .04 mg

Top 10 Health Benefits of Thyme

Here is a list of impressive health benefits that have been corroborated by recent studies and research.

1. Resists Harmful Organisms

Thyme contains potent chemical compounds like thymol and carvacrol which are resistant to harmful organisms.[4] Studies have found that thyme promotes fungal balance.[5] Some studies even show compounds found in thyme and oregano oil are helpful as part of a comprehensive strategy for dealing with some types of organisms that are particularly aggressive.

2. Supports Respiratory Health

Respiratory health is important, especially for those with compromised immune systems. Thyme supports normal respiratory health in every season.[6] Studies show that thyme combined with primrose root helps soothe your airways and promote normal lung health.[78]

3. Promotes Heart Health

Blood pressure and cholesterol both play a significant role in heart health. Thyme contains nutrients that support normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels.[9]

4. Mood Booster

Thyme may help maintain mental wellness. Daily consumption of thyme and oregano oil can influence neurotransmitters and boost your mood. One compound found in thyme oil, carvacrol, when consumed over a seven-day period, positively affected dopamine and serotonin status.[10]

5. Encourages Healthy-looking Skin

For years, nurses wrapped thyme into bandages to help wounds heal. Recent studies confirm that thyme does have the ability to support skin health.[11] One study even noted thyme might contribute to reducing the appearance of wrinkles.[12]

6. Natural Bug Repellent

Thyme is a favorite herb to grow at home. Not only is it convenient for cooking, but it may help keep your home bug free. Thyme acts as a natural repellent for mosquitoes and other pests.[13]

7. Powerful Antioxidant

Thyme is a great source of antioxidants such as apigenin, luteolin, saponins, and tannins.[14] These antioxidant compounds help neutralize free radicals before they can cause harm and oxidative stress.[15]Thyme and iron are often taken together to help keep a better balance and reduce the chances of oxidative stress from occurring.[16]

8. Soothes Occasional Coughs and Sore Throats

For years, thyme has been used to support seasonal wellness. Many studies have validated this use, showing thyme’s ability to help your body get over an occasional cough and sore throat.[17]

9. Promotes Oral Health

Thyme, along with other herbs, can support good oral health.[18] Thyme essential oils can protect against harmful organisms that target the mouth, and help prevent bad breath.[1920]

10. Food Safety and Preservation

While thyme is a well-liked addition to many dishes, it can be used for more than taste. Thyme’s resistance to harmful organisms is something that’s been observed and harnessed by large-scale food producers. Thyme essential oil is an effective, natural way to preserve food and increase shelf life. [2122]

Thyme Side Effects

Thyme has no documented side effects. The primary concern with using fresh thyme or thyme essential oils is the possibility of having an allergic reaction. Beyond any known allergies, thyme is considered safe and gentle to eat or apply topically.

Adding Thyme to Your Diet

You can grow thyme at home or buy it fresh at most grocery stores and farmer’s markets. Fresh thyme is perfect for making tinctures, teas, or adding to food dishes. Dried thyme is also found in any spice aisle and is an excellent way to keep the herb in your home at all times. Thyme essential oils are also a great way to access the benefits of thyme quickly and easily. Not all essential oils are food grade, but thyme essential oils can be used in a diffuser or applied topically.

You can also take thyme therapeutically to reap its many health benefits. While thyme is great on its own, its nutritional profile and unique properties make it a worthwhile addition to some supplement formulas. Global Healing Center uses the highest quality organic thyme in our revolutionary iron supplement, Iron Fuzion™. Thyme extracts in Iron Fuzion provide nutrients that can help your body absorb and use iron.

How do you use thyme? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us Details.




References (11)




†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.


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The Best Vitamin C Serums for Forever-Young Skin

The Best Vitamin C Serums for Forever-Young Skin

There are many different types of beauty serums, but if we had to pick just one to include in every skin care routine, it would be vitamin C. Vitamin C serums effectively tackle a multitude of skin issues, from aging to sun damage.

Since serums penetrate deep into the skin, they can help supercharge any beauty regimen with a high concentration of active ingredients. Jana Blankenship, founder of organic beauty line Captain Blankenship, says vitamin C serums are especially important because they help firm skin, improve texture and tone, and combat the signs of aging. Elizabeth Jones, advanced instructor for Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute, adds that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that brightens and protects from free radical damage.

The Secret to Maximizing Your Sun Protection: Vitamin C

Because vitamin C is so versatile, it’s suitable for use on any skin type. Vitamin C serums come in strengths from as little as 1 percent all the way up to 20 percent. Those with sensitive skin are better off starting low until they build up a tolerance, explains Dr. Eva Simmons-O’Brien, FAAD. She also points out that a serum that mixes vitamins C and E is a good option for reactive skin.

While vitamin C is definitely a hero ingredient, it can also be highly unstable and can easily deactivate before reaching your skin, states Vitabrid C¹²‘s Research Director Jinwoo Kim. In other words, it breaks down quickly and becomes less potent, so we don’t get the major results it’s capable of producing. This is why many vitamin C products are stored in dark bottles or special packaging to prevent oxidization. Furthermore, vitamin C is water soluble, which means it can be tricky for the product to penetrate through the layers of skin that are protected by a lipid layer.

All hope is not lost because the beauty industry has been working to stabilize the notoriously difficult vitamin. Now, there are a lot of fantastic vitamin C products that allow users to enjoy its full benefits. Read on for the best vitamin C serums on the market today.



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Checkout The Simple Mental Trick Can Keep You From Sabotaging Your Workout

Checkout The Simple Mental Trick Can Keep You From Sabotaging Your Workout

July 3, 2014
Exercising With Weights

You’re absolutely spent after a crushing workout class—and now you’re going to reward yourself with a big plate of fries and the juiciest burger in town.

Sound familiar? Overcompensating for an intense workout with extra food is a known phenomenon, and it’s the culprit behind the dreaded weight-loss plateau if the point of the exercise is to shed pounds.

But a new study shows a simple shift in perspective could be all it takes to keep from packing in too much food after a workout: Instead of focusing on how tough your workout is, focus on how fun it is.

The study, published in the journal Marketing Letters and led by Carolina Werle, an associate professor of marketing at Grenoble Ecole de Management in France, included several experiments. In the first, she asked 56 women to walk the same mile-long path at individual times at their own pace. Half of the group was told the purpose of the walk was to exercise, while the other half of the group was told the goal of the walk was to “do something fun” and test the music-listening quality of a new MP3 player.

After the women went on their walks, they were invited to eat a buffet lunch that included pasta with meat, green beans, and bread. They were also asked to make two choices for a dessert and drink: applesauce or chocolate pudding, and water or Coke.

Werle found that both the “fun” group and “exercise” group ate about the same amount of calories for their main course from the buffet lunch; they were also equally split in choosing between the healthy drink and dessert options. Where the two groups did differ, though, was in the amount of drinks and desserts. Women in the “fun” group served themselves fewer calories’ worth of drinks and desserts, compared with those in the “exercise” group. In fact, the “exercisers” served themselves 42 percent more pudding and Coke than those who were told they were just on a fun walk.

Similar results were shown in subsequent experiments included in the study, including one that involved having participants either exercise or take a “fun” sightseeing tour of a campus, and then serve themselves M&M candies. Just as in the first experiment, those who were told they were exercising served themselves twice as many M&Ms after the walk than those told they were just sightseeing.

“I think we can frame our workouts in different ways, focusing on whatever we consider fun about it (listening to our favorite music while running or chatting with a friend during a brisk walk) instead of focusing only on the effort that will be performed,” Werle wrote in an email to HuffPost. “The more fun we have during the physical activity the less we’ll feel the license to indulge or the need to compensate for the previous effort.”

Need some advice for staying positive about your workout to make it less of a chore? Here are three tricks:

Take time to remember one positive thing about your workout that day.

A small study from the University of New Hampshire found that people who were asked to think about positive exercise memories actually worked out out more than people who had no memories about their exercise. In fact, people who had negative memories meant to inspire them to exercise also worked out more than the zero-memory participants—but not as much as the positive memory participants.

Don’t make it a competition! Think about exercise as a game.

In a study of Division 1 soccer players, researchers found that levels of the stress hormone cortisol and anxiety rose after playing a match, but not after practice. With that in mind, since most exercisers aren’t actually playing an official game, there’s no real reason to stress yourself out as if you were playing in one, according to celebrity trainer Lacey Stone, who likes to emphasize sociability and fun at her classes instead of rivalries (no matter how friendly they are).

“Don’t go against your friend, play with your friend,” Stone told HuffPost. “We’re trying to have fun together, which gives you an endorphin rush rather than a cortisol rush.”

Transform exercise into social events.

This concept goes way beyond accountability buddies, who can sometimes guilt or pressure you into working out. Instead, gather a group of people who have the same passion for fitness as you do, and then pick new activities for all of you to try together. The idea comes from Australian fitness expert Michelle Bridges, creator of the 12 Week Body Transformation. She suggests taking turns having one person be responsible for coming up with the group’s weekly physical activity, whether it be a workout class, hike, or group run. The only condition: it has to be something social, new, and exciting. “Through creating a social community and environment for adventurous physical activity, you’ll regard your exercise as an ever-changing activity with friends, not a chore,” Bridges wrote in an email to HuffPost.


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